Hello! Where have I been, you ask? Well, I started school last Wednesday, and everything's been a little hectic since then. I wouldn't say I've been loaded with homework, but I'm really just trying to get a schedule going. I've been working on a couple little projects for school, as usual. Teachers always assign those random projects that tell the class about yourself and all that.
This year I'm taking French I, Honors English, Analytical Biology, Geometry Honors, Gym, Culinary Arts, and a Gifted Health class. You can probably tell I might get busy from all that. I'm also in the school's Senate, which meets at "zero-hour", which is before school starts. I'm currently working on the application to run for Freshman Class President. I've actually never ran for an office in any student government ordeal, but I've always participated in student government when I had the chance.
Anyways, the whole point of this blurb is to apologize for not posting anything. Sorry for the neglect!
xoxo, Emily

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